And it’s always something….

Almost two-and-a-half years ago, I made the second most life-changing move in my life.  And with at least 24 moves under my belt (and at almost 68 years of age), that’s saying something.  I didn’t grow up in a military family; my dad was in sales.  And if you wanted the promotion, you accepted the transfer.

In mid-2010 I took early retirement from teaching high school English in Los Angeles (high poverty, gangs, some of the most wonderful kids ever) and returned to Oregon.  Sometimes, you can sense when things just aren’t “right,” and in this case I was spot on.  It soon became clear that our mom was developing dementia and while I tried to make it so she could stay in her home, some things are just beyond possible.  So, she moved and I moved.

To Silverton OR.  If you’ve never been, we’d love to have you visit one of the coolest small towns in the Pacific Northwest.  And there are a lot of them.  With Silver Falls State Park, the Oregon Garden, thirty murals decorating old (and newer) buildings around town, a tantalizing number of restaurants and shops, and a strong community feeling, I can guarantee you a good time.

I had pretty much no money (teaching isn’t exactly a way to financial wealth) but happened to find a 1979 small double-wide mobile home in a small park that, with a loan from a family member, I was able to purchase.  Little did I know, that was the easy part.

In my 816 square feet, plus an enclosed porch room, I’ve encountered a variety of “I cannot believe this” situations.  In fact, if I had even $10 for every time I’ve heard, “wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before,” I’d have had enough for at least one loan payment!

If you’ve ever remodeled anything — be it a house or even a life — we already share a strong bond.